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Using the Beautypass App: Where Local Businesses trade product for Social Media posts from Models

By: Marijka Munoz

What is Beautypass?

Beautypass is an app available on both iOS and Android devices that connects businesses in different cities around the world to agency-signed models in their area. Models that are approved on the app can avail of a participating local business product or service by posting about it and tagging the business on the model’s public Instagram story or reel. The Beautypass app is available globally-- in every fashion capital on five continents.

How Beautypass works for businesses

Businesses offer Beautypass members or models a free item or service in exchange for the model’s post about it on their Instagram story. The businesses set the terms and time frames for their offers. Some common guidelines include that the models’ social media accounts must be set to public, and models must have a minimum following count of 1K on Instagram, be agency-signed, and be included in the social media post. This arrangement can be ideal for businesses looking to gain visibility and increase traffic, which in turn can help with sales.

Businesses can create recurring weekly offers that are best suited to their present marketing needs. Business owners and managers can add specific notes for the models as well to help smoothen out the whole process. This might include requesting that the models call to confirm their reservations or that the models must leave a tip at the end of their visit for services.

How it works for Beautypass members

As a model or influencer, you first download the app and submit your application for review. You then upload your headshot or profile picture and fill out some information about yourself, like your agency and Instagram handle, and confirm your Instagram profile is set to public. You will also upload the front and back of your comp card.

Currently, there are no membership fees to be a Beautypass member. In my experience, the turnaround time for review of my application was less than 24 hours. I submitted my application on a Sunday afternoon, and first thing Monday morning I received an email from Beautypass letting me know my membership was granted and I was approved to use the app.

Once in, Beautypass members–or models like myself–can start redeeming the offers shown on the app. Us models can avail of the products or services with the agreement that we post about them on our public Instagram according to that local business’ guidelines, so it’s helpful to review all the terms very carefully. Know that your Beautypass account may be temporarily suspended if you don’t show up to your reservationor follow all the guidelines set.

The products or services are solely for us Beautypass members (unless otherwise noted) and are non-transferrable nor shareable. So, models, if you’re concerned about going out to these places all by yourself, I would suggest inviting a companion along. Be aware that unless your companion or friend is also a BeautyPass member, they will have to pay full price for the product or service.

Beautypass members can also receive referral perks for recommending the app to local businesses and completing the referral form within the app. If that business joins Beautypass and remains active for one month then the model will receive a $125 reward from Beautypass.

My experience with Beautypass

As soon as I got notice that I was approved as a Beautypass member, I excitedly opened the app and was able to see all the businesses around the world, their offerings, and guidelines. Many of the businesses required an Instagram follower count of 1K or more, but others required 3K - 10K or more depending on their offerings.

I was able to sort through the offers by city. The different US cities include New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Diego, to name a few. Other cities worldwide included Paris, London, Dubai, and more. Photographer: Jon Koob

The Beautypass app is great for models wanting to experience their city in a different way, or are looking for something to do in a city they are either working in or visiting.

I’m based in Chicago, so I browse all my local Chicago establishments to start. Some of the Chicago businesses on the app were offering complimentary haircut services, fitness classes, healthy juices, and cocktails in exchange for a model’s social media promotion. Out of curiosity, I looked at what was being offered in the other cities. I found that most participating businesses around the world were generally restaurants, bars, gyms, yoga studios, spas, and salons.

I made an appointment at an aerial yoga studio close to where I live. Once I arrived at the studio, I checked in on the app and let the instructor know I signed up via Beautypass. To my relief, I wasn’t met with a perplexed face. She took down my information and I was able to join the class. We got our yoga session started set to house music, and I enjoyed it! Before the end of class, I snapped a quick selfie with the gorgeous studio with red aerial silks draping in the background, posted it on my Instagram stories, and made sure to tag the studio.

The studio/business will then go on Beautypass and check off that you completed their requirements. The process was easy enough and I walked out of the studio excited to tell my model friends about my experience and looking forward to partaking in other offers through the app.

Why I joined Beautypass

I joined Beautypass in hopes that it would be a fun, new way to explore my city–and other cities I planned on visiting or traveling to for work or otherwise. I applied to become a Beautypass member about a year into being the Director of Social Media for Why Not Petites, a petite model community. I have become increasingly more comfortable with content creation since then, and I figured this could very well be another avenue for myself and the Why Not Petites team to leverage our social media skills, expand our network, and gain exposure.

I was very happy and willing to support local businesses as well. I fully intend to try and make it as much as an even exchange as possible and follow all the guidelines. And where necessary, I will of course make it a point to tip fairly and generously.

My review and advice for models using Beautypass

I’m an adventurous soul, so this app appealed to my nature; I’m sure it does the same for many out there just like me. The Beautypass app is great for models wanting to experience their city in a different way, or are looking for something to do in a city they are either working in or visiting.

I do think it is better suited for models living or staying in the heart of the city as many of the businesses were located right in the downtown area or close to it. For models living in the outskirts of the city, this doesn’t mean that the app isn’t for you, just be aware that you may have to factor in your commute and weigh that in when considering whether it’s worthwhile for you.

If I were to change anything about the app, my one ask would be the ability to filter the offerings based on the required minimum Instagram following to be eligible for it. It’s not crucial, and merely my preference as adding that feature would be timesaving considering some models, including myself, may not meet certain follow-counts. Other than that, the app was very easy to use.

Like it or not, to me, Beautypass brought about the realization of how real “pretty privilege” can be. Once you do become a member, remember to please use Beautypass as considerately as you can. Be a respectful and grateful patron and tip the workers at the businesses for their work and time. After all, you’re receiving their products or services at no other cost.

Have fun and stay safe exploring!

Do you use BeautyPass or similar apps like Neon Coat? Tell us all about your experience below!

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