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Why did a group of petite models create a campaign to get noticed? Aren't most models petite? Models are already skinny, why place even more attention on petite girls? These are a few questions that might be running through your head as you browse our site. Read below to get a better understanding of the harsh realities petite -- that is, short -- models face in the industry.


The fashion industry is notorious for excluding "others" in every form of the word. Today, the standards have begun to change. We see plus size models on the runway, nonbinary on billboards, and people with disabilities on the covers of magazines. Sadly, the industry still falls short when it comes to recognizing shorter models. Why Not Petites hopes to elevate that oversight and help push petite models to the forefront of the industry. 

There is a huge misconception of the word "petite" as popularized by modern beauty standards. Many believe this word means "skinny," but it is actually defined as, "A fairly short woman or person." The word "petite" has been mostly used to acknowledge the thinness of someone's stature instead of an indication of their height. There is an untapped market within petite models that is widely under-recognized.

MISSION: To help promote a more inclusive modeling industry by prioritizing diversity. We leverage our collective industry expertise to mentor both seasoned and budding petite models through an array of offerings This includes professional photoshoot and networking opportunities as well as access to esteemed photographers. We are committed to being the cornerstone for petite models, guiding them towards success and amplifying their voices in an exclusive industry.

VISION: To create a future where models of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds thrive and constantly break unrealistic standards in the industry. We envision a world where Why Not Petites serves as a catalyst for empowerment and inclusivity, by providing a collaborative and supportive learning environment.


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Britney Wittes

Founder / CEO

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Marijka Munoz




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Abby Rozens

Social Media Manager

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Athena Perez

Social Media Associate


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Janae Holloway

PR Partner

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Chau Nyguen

PR Partner

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Olena Luchko

Graphics Designer

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Leticia Hernandez

Sales Manager

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Abe Jimenez

Media Partner

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