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Become a Guest Model

Below are ways that you can submit yourself to become a guest model:


1. You can tag us on instagram @whynotpetites or with #whynotpetites


2. DM us your photos or portfolio for the chance to be added to our guest model list!


3. You can email us your portfolio

Become a Featured Model

Below are ways that you can become featured on our social media!


You can tag us on instagram @whynotpetites or with #whynotpetites


DM us your photos


We want to feature the talent of our petite community and get to know each of you! When you submit a picture please send us a little something about you as well!

Attend our Events

Want to get to know us better? Come chat with us at one of our events! We host an event once a month, and would love to see you there. Check out our Book Online Tab to see what our next event is or to book one of our classes. 

Ask Us Questions

Email us your questions! Once a month, we add a question into our newsletter under the community question section. Each question will get a personal email response and the opportunity to have your question in our newsletter!


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