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Hi, I’m Bree! I work full-time as a B2B copywriter for an international marketing agency. I got my start in creative and academic writing, then moved into freelance content writing before taking it on full-time. I still like to work on small campaigns for artists, like this one, because so much important work can be done by just a small handful of people. Besides being the copywriter at Why Not Petites, I also help out on shoots as a stylist. 


I am also a model! And that’s how I first met our founder Britney! I am humbled with the opportunity to write for such a grounded group of models working to shift the historically neglectful industry narrative around petite models and other sizes. After all, these “nonstandard” industry sizes make up the overwhelming majority of real people. 


I myself am 5’7,” which is usually considered a touch too short for runway and high fashion modeling. It’s a shame, because I see so many incredibly talented models get brushed aside and overlooked on paper just because of their height. Why Not Petites is doing valuable work to spread that awareness, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!


As a model, I love to collaborate with other creatives on unique concepts. I'm thankful that between all types of modeling and a variety of writing, I get to make a career out of the things I love. 

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In the creative world, there is always an amazing team behind the scenes that you never get to see. In this case, you do! We are the models in front of the camera as well as the team coordinating things behind the scenes. We do also have the help of a few other people that you don't always get to see or hear from. You will get a chance to learn a bit about them here. Below you will get to know the people that help make Why Not Petites successful! 


Britney Wittes

I'm Britney, the founder of WNP! I began modeling when I was 10 years old. I got into the industry by accident but truly found my passion at a young age. I have had the privilege to work for Kohl's, P&G, Walgreens, McDonald's, Home Depot and many other amazing brands. Over the years I have been able to explore most of the different types of modeling but not as much as I would like. I am excited to break more into beauty, editorial, and hopefully do more than local runway shows. 

I wanted to create something that would have people question why the industry includes everyone but very few petites. We can look just as tall but work harder to find those angles, yet are constantly overlooked. This is meant to also be a group of women who empower, keep each other motivated, and give each of us a platform to have the opportunity to be seen.

I have been blessed to have so many amazingly, talented models and people who share the same passion for educating others about the missing adversity of petite models. Finding people wanting to be a part of this community has not been hard and I am so happy to give models a safe space to learn and grow in their craft.

I have many hobbies but my favorite is traveling! Seeing the world while learning more about different cultures from immersing myself in them.

Founder/ CEO

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Option 1 Models



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10 Management

Before she had me, my mom was a model in the Philippines and she also competed in beauty pageants. When I was little, I wanted to be like her but I was shy and self-conscious. Back then, I couldn't imagine that path for me at all. But as I got older, I started becoming more secure in myself and recognizing my unique beauty.


During a Surf and Yoga Retreat in Panama in 2019, I met some models, listened to their stories and one of them suggested I submit to a modeling agency for representation. When I returned home to Chicago, I did some research and came across 10 Management, a boutique agency that advocates for diversity and inclusivity--plus, they don't have a height requirement. I applied there, got signed and I've been with 10 ever since. I've been modeling professionally since 2019.

As petite models, we are already challenging traditional industry standards. By consistently making a conscious effort to be the best version of me (and when I'm not, remembering to give myself grace and work to improve anyway) I will continue to fight through limitations in the industry. I want to help those with diverse beauties and looks ascend. I aspire to work with notable fashion and beauty brands and help create more space for Filipino representation. I want those who share the same look, features, complexion or height as me to feel seen and valued.

Marijka Munoz

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Hi, my name is Olena. I am 5'5" and a freelance model living in the US but originally from Ukraine. Since I was young, I loved art and expressing myself creatively. About two years ago, I got an opportunity to attend a photoshoot, and then a new journey in my life started. I discovered a new world of modeling and photography. I found another way to channel my creative nature.


I quickly learned how to pose and express myself through photographs, and I had the privilege of meeting a lot of talented artists who helped me realize my potential. I have been published on several occasions, including being on the cover of some well-established US magazines. It felt great earning these achievements.

As a petite model, I try to play with different poses and clothes, and create shapes that help me look taller in the photos. I bring a lot of energy to every project, and I'm always happy to contribute in a creative way to produce artistic results. Right now, I am focusing on growing as a model, learning more about the industry, and creating amazing work with other creatives.

I always enjoyed playing piano and violin, baking and decorating, drawing, and traveling. One of my dreams is to visit all the countries in the world.


Olena Luchko

Graphics Director

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Alyssa Burns

Creative Associate

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Social Media Manager

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10 Mangement

Abby Rozens

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Hello, my name is Abby! Modeling is something that I have always daydreamed about. I’ve always wanted to pursue this career path so I did my research, took my own photos, and the moment I saw my chance I started submitting myself to open calls!


In the beginning, it was difficult to picture myself in any modeling gigs because of my height and measurements, but that never stopped me from trying. After hard work and high hopes, I got scouted at an audition, in the summer of 2019, by the owner of 10Management. Since then, Ive been modeling professionally ever since!  


As a petite model, I want to inspire future models and prove that it is possible to succeed! It takes a lot of dedication and patience. I see myself wanting to experience and learn as much as possible, especially coaching other girls on how to stand out in a crowd! In the long term, I’d like to try out runway, and fashion editorial. 


My experience at with WhyNotPetites has been wonderful! Everyone has been so nice, and welcoming. It’s amazing how petite models can come together and relate to one another about the obstacles that are bound to happen as a petite woman. Overall, we’re here to make a difference and break the barriers to create a new norm in the modeling industry. 

Hey! I’m Alyssa, a Detroit native but have experienced living in other cities before finding my home in Chi-town. I pursued Musical Theater in college and recently earned my BFA in Musical Theater from Montclair State University. 


While in college I also became a Certified Holistic Health Coach through IIN as well as a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. 


I began modeling with a friend who was studying photography in college and needed a test subject- and the rest is history! Since then, I’ve built my portfolio with photographers around the nation, signed with SCE Agency, worked with numerous brands, attended and interned at Coco Rocha Model Camp, and now am a member of Why Not Petites! Being a petite, I’m hoping to inspire other petite models to do the modeling they LOVE and not feel that they’re stuck in a box. Editorial is my absolute favorite type of modeling, and I hope to help show that just because I’m short doesn’t mean I can’t command a page;) I’d also love to build a community that helps guide petite models through fitness and nutrition in a healthy, balanced, and empowering way. 


Aside from theater, modeling, and fitness I have a big love for travel, baking, cooking (especially Vegan meals being plant-based), writing, social media management, and mindfulness. I always love to explore, learn, and find ways to be not only a better model, but a better human.

Hey there I'm Andrew! I was actually the first person Britney talked to when she came up with the idea of Why Not Petites and jumped at the opportunity to help her vision become a reality. We worked on the logo and fleshed out the idea together and now here we are! 

I have been working with fellow creatives for half a decade in the Chicagoland area. I have worked as a photographer, videographer, audio engineer, graphic designer & much more. Being in the creative field, I have always worn many hats and enjoyed learning each new skill.


As my skillset expanded, I found a friendship with Britney Wittes, the founder of Why Not Petites. Hearing about the vision, and seeing the drive behind Britney’s eyes, I joined the team from the beginning to use my expansive creative knowledge for pushing Why Not Petites forward.


I now work behind the scenes of Why Not Petites in any way I can to continue to support the vision and message behind the company. When Britney asked me to be in charge of the podcast, I was happy to do so! I also help run their events behind the scenes, to ensure everything goes smoothly.


I am always willing to do anything for WNP because I believe in what they are working towards. I am excited to watch this idea blossom even more and can not wait to see what the future holds.


Media Director

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Andrew Martinez

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Bree Clevenger

Creative Director

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Sana Rehman

Creative Associate

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DreamTeam Talent & Reinhard

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Hi all! I’m Sana. My modeling journey couldn’t have started without me stepping back and taking a culinary sabbatical. That’s right, I’m chef turned actor and model. After training at Le Cordon Bleu and working 10 fulfilling years as a Chef, I took a leap of faith to do the impossible and start my journey in film as an actor at 34, which has led to an additional path of modeling.


Growing up in a conservative South Asian home in Chicago, to immigrant parents from Pakistan, well…one could not have seen this coming. But I believe, if you follow your destiny, you live a fulfilled life. All my choices in following my heart and passions have led to me evolving into an actor, model, and now a Creative Associate for Why Not Petites! They are the first platform and brand I have ever walked for when I timidly decided to branch my modeling skills to runway! I was so nervous, but that’s when I realized that this journey is just me against myself. Since then, I have walked numerous runway shows and done modeling shoots for brands like United Airlines, Discover Card, SodaStream, Kohler, and others.


I don’t consider myself lucky, I consider myself hard working, devoted, and surrounded by a like-minded and committed community. That’s what Why Not Petites is. It’s not just a platform for modeling... I mean it is, but don’t let that fool you. We’re a platform that is here to advise, educate, encourage, support, and listen. We’re a platform that has arrived to break discriminatory standards in the industry.

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