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Preventing Burn Out as a Model

By: Olena Luchko

We all experience periods of burnout from various aspects of our lives, whether it's work, daily routines, or even our hobbies and favorite activities. However, just as we prioritize our physical health, we must also prioritize our mental well-being. I am going to share with you some tips that I think might help you to keep up.

Prioritize Self Care

First of all, prioritize self-care and make it a number one rule in your life. Take a day off and relax, or if a day is too much, free your afternoon and make yourself a relaxing bath, apply some face mask, get a massage, that helps all your muscles relax or anything that distracts you from the grind and helps you relax at the same time.

Take Regular Breaks

If you have a sitting job, try to take breaks and do some exercises or walks. This way you can refresh your brain, get some fresh air and continue with a fresh mind. For example, while I was studying, I would often take breaks and go to the gym, exercise at home or outdoors, or simply go for a walk in the park or around my neighborhood.

See what brings you joy and try do this! If you feel you are getting to the point where you’re losing focus, practice mindfulness or meditation, read a book, spend time with loved ones, or engage in hobbies that can get you distracted. I find this helpful when I get stuck solving a problem, or if I lose my inspiration. I personally love to play the violin, paint, bake, or go to the gym, and I also try to switch from one to another, so I don’t get tired of any and feel burned out on that as well.

Photographer: Patricia Aquino

If you're feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, give yourself permission to take a break or ask for support. Listen to your body's cues and respect your limits.

Set Realistic Expectations

Also it is important to set realistic goals and expectations. It’s better to break a goal into many little manageable tasks and try to work on it one by one. This way you will get small achievements which will all add up to get you to your goal. You won’t lose your motivation as easily, and you can celebrate your accomplishments along the way. Try to avoid overcommitting or taking on too many responsibilities.

Time Management

One thing I struggle with a lot is time management. But I am working on it and these are my steps: prioritizing tasks, delegating when possible, avoiding procrastination, planning on the next day, and scheduling by hours. This way I try to dedicate the hour to just a certain task and not get distracted from it. It’s necessary to maintain a healthy balance between work, personal life, and other activities. Set boundaries by establishing designated work hours and making time for relaxation, hobbies, and quality time with family and friends. I try not to overload my schedule and allow for breaks to rest and recharge throughout the day, even though I do forget about this sometimes.

Listen to your body and mind. If you're feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, give yourself permission to take a break or ask for support. Listen to your body's cues and respect your limits. If you feel like you need to sleep, go sleep! If you don’t feel like partying, stay at home. We need breaks from everything, so don’t blame yourself, and listen to your body first.

Of course we should not forget about healthy habits such as eating nutritious meals, getting enough sleep, and engaging in regular exercise. These habits provide a solid foundation for overall well-being and resilience. Develop effective stress management techniques that work for you, everyone is different. This could include deep breathing exercises, practicing mindfulness, journaling, engaging in creative outlets, or seeking professional help if needed.

Remember, burnout is a real and serious issue that can affect anyone. I hope that implementing these strategies can create a healthier and more sustainable approach to your activities, reducing the risk of burnout and promoting overall well-being.

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