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Subscribing to Nuuly Rent + More Sustainable Fashion Tips

By: Marijka Munoz

As models, we are continually faced with rotating style trends and new aesthetics, and we’re sometimes expected to keep up. Since we’re known to work closely with fashion brands and designers, some people look to models for the latest and greatest in the fashion scene. While staying on-trend isn’t by any means required for models, it can be fun to explore current trends that are different from what we normally consider our core style. Here are some of the ways we can curate and refresh our wardrobes with the intention of being gentle on our planet.

Growing up in the Philippines, I spent much of my childhood at the beach. The beach was our setting for countless family outings, friend hangouts, special events – you name it. I eventually left my island homeland to live in Germany and later The U.S. I visited many far-flung countries in between and I’ve seen just how wondrous and exquisite our world is. In this lifetime, I would love to do what I can to help preserve the beauty of our Mother Earth, and I know I am not alone in that sentiment. So, let’s learn how we can make more sustainable choices when and where possible, including in fashion.

Subscribing to Nuuly Rent, Rent the Runway, etc.

Nuuly Rent is a clothing rental subscription where you pay $88 a month + tax to rent any six items of your choosing from Nuuly Rent’s 150+ brands on their website. You can add up to two bonus items (or additional rentals) for $18 each. I’ve been a loyal subscriber since July 2021, and I look forward to curating and receiving my Nuuly Rent bag every month. Many of Nuuly’s clothing items are from the URBN family of brands such as Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters, but they carry many reputable designer brands as well, including Alice McCall, Kim Shui, ML Monique Lhuillier, Ronny Kobo and many more.

There is a vast selection of clothes for you to choose from to suit your styling needs for every event. I have worn some of my Nuuly rented items on photoshoots, vacations, work trips, music festivals, the list truly goes on and on.

After you place your order, you will receive your six selected items–cleaned, sanitized, and neatly packed in a recycled, reusable Nuuly bag–in 3-5 business days via UPS. I can speak from my experience that their order and shipping process has consistently been reliable, and even their return process is simple.

Nuuly provides you with a pre-printed return label so when it comes time to return your Nuuly bag, you simply re-fill it with your rented garments, stick the label on the bag and drop it off at a UPS close to you. The Nuuly support team has been easy-to-reach and responsive when helping me with any issues.

Nuuly also takes care of all the laundry and dry cleaning, and there are no late

fees nor damage fees associated with your return. Once you return your Nuuly for the month, you can decide to pause (for either 1-3 months or go with

month-to-month terms) or cancel your subscription. I personally haven’t tried moving forward with either of those options yet as I’ve been more than delighted with my experience each time. When I do come across something

in my Nuuly bag that I feel I absolutely cannot part with, I have the option to buy that item at a discounted price. So far, I’ve fallen in love with–and subsequently ended up purchasing–three Kim Shui dresses.

Fortunately for petites like myself, Nuuly also carries brands that specifically offer petite options like Anthropologie, Maeve, Pilcro, Eva Franco, and lots more. There are other similar services, including the popular Rent the Runway, that allow you to indulge sustainably in the latest trends.

Photographer: Alina Gofman

The goal with a capsule wardrobe is to work with minimal, mix-and-match items that can transform into a large number of outfits.

More Sustainable Fashion Tips

If a subscription service isn’t quite right for you right now, there are plenty of other eco-conscious fashion habits.

Think about buying secondhand clothing or shopping at local and online thrift stores. You can do even more by investing in high quality pieces that stand the test of time and have a longer life cycle. Take care of your garments so they can last you as long as possible, and you end up buying less in the long run.

Building your own capsule wardrobe is also a great idea. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothes that can create interchangeable and buildable looks that work for various occasions. The goal with a capsule wardrobe is to work with minimal, mix-and-match items that can transform into a large number of outfits. Consider buying pieces that can transition well from season to season and donating clothes you no longer wear to extend their life and use.

Support the slow fashion (or eco-friendly fashion) movement by making your own clothes, upcycling (re-using or re-creating something old or no longer used into something new and of higher value) and purchasing from slow fashion clothing brands. Even without spending your money, you can still advocate for slow fashion by educating yourself and others about which designers and brands have sustainable fashion practices and supporting these designers and brands on social media.

Though we might not make the right choices every single time, I think when we become more aware and are willing to try to do the better thing as often as we can, that matters and makes a notable difference over time. Being conscious about our fashion choices can impact and help sustain the positive state of our planet. Each of us holds such power and influence in our purchasing and life decisions, so remember to take time to reflect and act thoughtfully.

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