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Being a Freelance Model

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

By: Olena Luchko

Since childhood I loved to be caught on camera. It was always for fun, to create and save some good memories. Some of my friends growing up were learning photography, and, but I had never seriously considered a modeling career.

My modeling started really unexpectedly. One of my co-workers asked me for help on a photoshoot she was going to attend, as a couple of girls canceled at the last minute. I agreed, as I wanted to try something new, even though I felt nervous about not being good at it.

My first experience was pretty nice, and I got super excited about other

opportunities that could get me more in this industry. Right after that I decided to get onto another photoshoot. I searched, and there were a couple meet-ups arranged for a Valentine’s theme photoshoot.

This time I didn't know anyone at all, and it was even more uncomfortable for me than the first time. However, it went very well for me. I felt more confident in front of the camera, played more with the poses and expressions. During the photoshoot I was watching other models and learned a lot from them as well. I met very nice people, who have since become good friends of mine. I continued to attend different photoshoots, meeting new people, learning more about modeling and posing.

Photographer: Joe Underbakke

At one of the photoshoots, I met Britney -- the founder of Why Not Petites – and I am so happy it happened. She reached out some time after the shoot about joining her in a new project "Why not Petites". I was really honored and excited to be a part of this group. I know we are doing something great, we help and support other models, and we have the most charming girls in our group!

Being a freelance model is very comfortable for me, since I do have a full time job. Usually I do photoshoots on weekends, that's when I am free the most. I have plenty of time to get prepared, do my make up, and show up on the shoot fresh and ready.

If you want to start a freelance modeling career, I would recommend finding some of the meet-ups in your area and sign up. They are usually free and on the weekends, so you can try yourself, learn something new, get some experience, and meet very nice people. The best option is to go there if you know someone or at least with one of your friends.

Through attending meet-ups, you meet a lot of photographers, models, and make up artists, make friends with them, and find your own comfortable style of photography and people you like to create work with. This will help you to take your first steps in modeling.

If some photographers are asking you to do a shoot with them individually, first do some research about them, ask other models about their experiences with that person, and if you are still not confident, bring someone with you to the shoot. Be careful and always think about your safety first.

Good luck, girls!

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