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Becoming a Published Model

By: Olena Luchko

Many young girls dream of being on the cover of some fashion magazine. And I can tell you, that today this is possible for everyone! While publications like Vogue or Cosmopolitan are still very prestigious, you can still make your wish come true by applying to local or independent magazines.

I got published in a magazine after the first photo shoot I ever had. One of the photographers reached out to me a couple weeks after the shoot and told me that we got a couple of my photos submitted to a magazine. I was really surprised to hear that, but at the same time excited to see and to hold it in my hands. It really made me wonder how the process goes, where those magazines are and who decides which photos to print. So I collected some information from photographers, models and other professionals to share with you.

Sometimes during the photo shoot you might be asked to sign release forms, where photographers can specify if they want to use the photos to be submitted to magazines or for other purposes like their websites, commercial use, etc. This is the best way to protect you in different unexpected situations, so always sign them and get a copy for yourself. But also remember some of the magazines are not commercial, so a photographer might just inform you that they will submit it or just do it even without your permission.

If you are doing TFP (trade for print) I recommend you ask the photographers where they are going to use your photos, so then you can have all of the information beforehand. Also, it is not a bad idea to prepare your own release forms to bring to a set stating you have just as many rights to the photos as the photographer. Typically at a shoot, the photographer owns all of the rights to the photo, not the model so protect yourself and make sure they must tell you what they plan to use the images you create together for.

There are a lot of different magazines in the US and all over the world that you can submit to and be chosen for, even if you are a new model.

Nowadays you can find a variety of them on Instagram or Facebook. You can read about the qualifications to apply and what you would need to submit. Also, one popular global community is Kavyar, where you can get published, make some valuable connections, and be seen by top agencies, editors, and industry professionals. Magazines can have a themed edition, like Halloween, Christmas, Spring, Black & White etc, or just fashion, beauty, street style Photographer: Miodrag Stanojlović


To be able to hold something that you’ve worked on so hard and physically hand it to someone feels incredible.

All you have to do for those kinds of magazines is tag them and attach the photo in the comments or send it to the listed email address. You will also need to provide information about yourself like full name, age, location, and sometimes there are a couple of questions about your modeling career or how you started. Don’t forget that you always have to credit the names of the photographer, makeup artist, stylist, brand, place or event –anyone involved in creating a photo. All the photos must be in high resolution and a certain size for magazines, so make sure you read what they require before sending anything.

Sometimes a magazine will not select you simply because you didn’t follow their instructions, this is also good practice as a signed model. Sometimes, signed models don’t book a job because they failed to read and follow all of the instructions.

Young models, who are underage, will need to sign an agreement. Typically their guardian will have to sign as well, in order to get published. Some magazines do Teen Editions, so check for that before submitting to the regular edition.

My most memorable publication was my first cover. Me and my friend, a photographer, did a beautiful fall photoshoot and submitted it for the Fall Edition. It felt amazing when I found out that my photo got chosen to be on the cover. I couldn’t describe how excited I felt!

I really love the feeling of holding printed pictures, but it’s more special if it’s a magazine. To be able to hold something that you’ve worked on so hard and physically hand it to someone feels incredible. You are able to actually show them something you accomplished that is real instead of just sharing something on the internet. It’s just as much of an accomplishment, but it feels so great to hold your actual work and have a tear sheet to add to your physical book to take to agencies or auditions.

It is also really amazing to be able to tell people that you have been on the cover of a magazine. It is something that not a lot of people are able to achieve and it can definitely separate you from the masses when applying to an agency or even working with a photographer. Being in a magazine also shows initiative that you love this industry and you want to continue to be a part of it and grow.

So, don’t be scared, look for those magazines, submit and get your printed magazine. You may get noticed by different photographers, agencies, or other professionals in the industry and get something bigger out of it!

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