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Balancing a Job and Life as a Model

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

By: Marijka Munoz

We now live in a world where it's quite common for people to maintain a full-time job as well as manage multiple side hustles alongside it. In my case, I work a full-time job in finance, model part-time and contribute as the Social Media Director for a petite model community, Why Not Petites. When I open up to people I meet about my seemingly hectic lifestyle, I’m sometimes asked to share some tips on juggling these various responsibilities and finding the right balance.

The journey isn’t always the smoothest, but I’ve gathered some knowledge along the way, and here is my true response. I developed this mini guide with my fellow models in mind and I hope you will find something to take away and apply in your own multi-faceted, colorful life. 1. Design your ideal schedule If you happen to work the standard 9-5 schedule, allocate a certain amount of your vacation days to take on modeling jobs. If possible, schedule test shoots during weekends or outside of your normal work hours. This isn't always doable, but the benefit is that you're giving primary focus to your paid work, and it helps ensure your schedule feels h but manageable and sustainable for the long run. This life is yours and you can curate it any way you wish! Know that you can always readjust and continue to make modifications to your schedule whenever you need to. Check in with yourself often to understand where you are at, how you feel at the present moment and what your goals are in your work, modeling and personal life. Understand this is going to be a continuous evolution! 2. Define and stick to your personal and work boundaries Know the importance of your time, energy, effort and work. Keeping everyone happy 24/7 is unachievable, so make a list of what you value most in your work and personal life so you can give priority to what matters accordingly. This might mean saying “no” at times if it's for the greater benefit of your most desired goal.

3. Take breaks often

Your overall wellness is of utmost importance. Plan your vacation days strategically for the year. Decide approximately how many days you plan to

dedicate towards taking on modeling jobs, traveling for fun, general life events, and personal days or staycation breaks. Taking time off regularly keeps you healthy in every way, can help avoid the feeling of burnout and can replenish your spirit. 4. Make time to do things that contribute to a better you It's safe to say that working towards becoming better versions of ourselves is what we all aspire for. I recommend using slow periods in modeling or time off from work to develop deeper self-awareness and do things you honestly love. Study topics that excite you, take on meaningful projects, make time to just play

and fulfill your creative side. Being inspired and passionate about your life can translate positively to all aspects of you. Time is not wasted when you're improving on yourself! 5. Communicate with your agency Hold open, honest conversations frequently with your agent so all parties are in alignment and can be intentional about the work you take on. This ties back to assessing the value of your time and energy when booking jobs. The ideal scenario is that the jobs we book are those most beneficial for our modeling careers in the long term. Realistically, there may never be one single job that’s the make-or-break moment in our profession, but communicate your wants anyway, so the vision is clear for

everyone involved. Photographer: Joe Underbakke

Check in with yourself often to understand where you are at, how you feel at the present moment and what your goals are in your work, modeling and personal life.

6. Spend time with your inner circle. Spending time with your loved ones is good for your soul and can help you stay rooted. Life is simply better when you have a wonderful group of friends and family members you can rely on and who can rely on you. Your loved ones might even be able and willing to help free up your busy schedule, so don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Be sure to return the favor and do what you can to make their lives better, too.

7. If it's within your budget, consider paying a professional or purchasing a service that will help free up time

This might mean paying for a cleaning service, food or grocery delivery service, and so on from time to time. This pays off if you use that freed-up time intentionally. It could mean something as simple as making space for much needed rest. It could also give you the time you need to work on something that benefits your work or personal life. This tip isn’t for everyone – closely examine the cost benefits of doing this in your own life, and act wisely within your situation.

8. Break down your goals into smaller, easy-to-do tasks

I fully encourage you to keep having big, lofty dreams, but realizing said goals will seem less daunting when you break them down into smaller ones. Writing down your plans and simplifying them will make it not just more likely for you to tackle them, but easier to accomplish them. Plus, your consistent good habits will stack up.

May you all find the most balanced, ultimate versions of yourselves.

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