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In the creative world, there is always an amazing team behind the scenes that you never get to see. In this case, you do! We are the models in front of the camera as well as the team coordinating things behind the scenes. We do also have the help of a few other people that you don't always get to see or hear from. You will get a chance to learn a bit about them here. Below you will get to know the people that help make Why Not Petites successful! 


Britney Wittes

I'm Britney, the founder of WNP! I began modeling when I was 10 years old. I got into the industry by accident but truly found my passion at a young age. I have had the privilege to work for Kohl's, P&G, Walgreens, McDonald's, Home Depot and many other amazing brands. Over the years I have been able to explore most of the different types of modeling but not as much as I would like. I am excited to break more into beauty, editorial, and hopefully do more than local runway shows. 

I wanted to create something that would have people question why the industry includes everyone but very few petites. We can look just as tall but work harder to find those angles, yet are constantly overlooked. This is meant to also be a group of women who empower, keep each other motivated, and give each of us a platform to have the opportunity to be seen.

I have been blessed to have so many amazingly, talented models and people who share the same passion for educating others about the missing adversity of petite models. Finding people wanting to be a part of this community has not been hard and I am so happy to give models a safe space to learn and grow in their craft.

I have many hobbies but my favorite is traveling! Seeing the world while learning more about different cultures from immersing myself in them.

Founder/ CEO

5 ft 3 in

Signed Model: Option 1 Models



5 ft 1 in

Signed Model: 10 Management

Before she had me, my mom was a model in the Philippines and she also competed in beauty pageants. When I was little, I wanted to be like her but I was shy and self-conscious. Back then, I couldn't imagine that path for me at all. But as I got older, I started becoming more secure in myself and recognizing my unique beauty.


During a Surf and Yoga Retreat in Panama in 2019, I met some models, listened to their stories and one of them suggested I submit to a modeling agency for representation. When I returned home to Chicago, I did some research and came across 10 Management, a boutique agency that advocates for diversity and inclusivity--plus, they don't have a height requirement. I applied there, got signed and I've been with 10 ever since. I've been modeling professionally since 2019.

As petite models, we are already challenging traditional industry standards. By consistently making a conscious effort to be the best version of me (and when I'm not, remembering to give myself grace and work to improve anyway) I will continue to fight through limitations in the industry. I want to help those with diverse beauties and looks ascend. I aspire to work with notable fashion and beauty brands and help create more space for Filipino representation. I want those who share the same look, features, complexion or height as me to feel seen and valued.

Marijka Munoz

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Hi, my name is Olena. I am 5'5" and a freelance model living in the US but originally from Ukraine. Since I was young, I loved art and expressing myself creatively. About two years ago, I got an opportunity to attend a photoshoot, and then a new journey in my life started. I discovered a new world of modeling and photography. I found another way to channel my creative nature.


I quickly learned how to pose and express myself through photographs, and I had the privilege of meeting a lot of talented artists who helped me realize my potential. I have been published on several occasions, including being on the cover of some well-established US magazines. It felt great earning these achievements.

As a petite model, I try to play with different poses and clothes, and create shapes that help me look taller in the photos. I bring a lot of energy to every project, and I'm always happy to contribute in a creative way to produce artistic results. Right now, I am focusing on growing as a model, learning more about the industry, and creating amazing work with other creatives.

I always enjoyed playing piano and violin, baking and decorating, drawing, and traveling. One of my dreams is to visit all the countries in the world.


Olena Luchko

Graphics Designer

5 ft 5 in

Freelance Model

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Chau Nguyen

Public Relations Partner

5 ft 3 in

Freelance Model


Social Media Manager

5 ft 4 in

Signed Model: 10 Mangement

Abby Rozens

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_DSC9015 copy.jpg

Hello, my name is Abby! Modeling is something that I have always daydreamed about. I’ve always wanted to pursue this career path so I did my research, took my own photos, and the moment I saw my chance I started submitting myself to open calls!


In the beginning, it was difficult to picture myself in any modeling gigs because of my height and measurements, but that never stopped me from trying. After hard work and high hopes, I got scouted at an audition, in the summer of 2019, by the owner of 10Management. Since then, Ive been modeling professionally ever since!  


As a petite model, I want to inspire future models and prove that it is possible to succeed! It takes a lot of dedication and patience. I see myself wanting to experience and learn as much as possible, especially coaching other girls on how to stand out in a crowd! In the long term, I’d like to try out runway, and fashion editorial. 


My experience at with WhyNotPetites has been wonderful! Everyone has been so nice, and welcoming. It’s amazing how petite models can come together and relate to one another about the obstacles that are bound to happen as a petite woman. Overall, we’re here to make a difference and break the barriers to create a new norm in the modeling industry. 

Hi, I'm Chau! Originally born and raised in Vietnam, I've been calling Chicago my home since 2018. My journey into the modeling industry as a petite model began just a year ago while I was fully immersed in my role as an associate at a public relations firm, specializing in services tailored for the legal, consulting, and other professional sectors. I was honored as the ‘Top Woman in PR’ by PR News in 2023.


Venturing deeper into Chicago's fashion scene, I started viewing the modeling industry through the perceptive lens of public relations. I recognized that the city's fashion scene lacked the media buzz that other industries thrived on, presenting an entirely unique media landscape compared to my usual day job. Because of my love and connection to the fashion scene in the city, I’m eager to apply the insights I've garnered in media relations for a diverse clientele to the dynamic world of modeling. Building upon my background in social media and marketing, I hope to bridge the gap and inject a fresh perspective.


The Chicago fashion scene holds a special place in my heart, reflecting a rich culture, audacity, and ingenuity that this city embodies through its fashion. My goal is to magnify this essence and contribute to sharing it with a wider audience.


Janae Holloway

Public Relations Partner

*Not a model

_DSC8940 copy.jpg

Hey there, I'm Janae! Born in the diverse city of Houston, Texas, and then later raised in the vibrant suburbs of Chicago, I developed a passion for all things creative! 


Immersing myself in the realms of music, fashion, and art from an early age refined my ability to discern trends and weave captivating narratives. This passion seamlessly intertwined with my career in media relations within both the professional services sector and the consumer products industry.


Working with beauty-focused brands and top 100 law firms across the nation, I have successfully secured client placements in esteemed publications like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. I now use my experience in media relations to approach Chicago's fashion, art, and music landscape with the same enthusiasm and strategies. 


My deep connections within Chicago's music, fashion, and art community have granted me access to countless beautiful, compelling, and intriguing stories of its people and businesses. My passion lies in amplifying these narratives and fostering a vibrant, influential community of artists and art enthusiasts in Chicago. My goal is to elevate our collective voice, celebrating diverse stories and creating a space where our creativity thrives.

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Hi, my name is Abraham, but most people call me Abe. I am a photographer, and my mission is to always create timeless memories that will forever capture the viewer's attention and bring the best version of yourself to light in just a single shot.

My passion for photography soon pivoted from church bells and ball gowns to capturing high-end runway images. I saw models as a blank canvas that have so much potential to be inspirational to others. That’s ultimately why I love working with people and in fashion because it’s more than just another pretty picture. Following that, my journey with the Why Not Peties community began at their first launch party in October of 2022. It was there that I was captivated by their mission statement, which is to change the perspective on petite models and allow them to make their mark too. 

I was so eager to connect with the community of creatives, but I also wanted to contribute in any way I could to Why Not Petites. I also wanted to figure out a way to build a name for myself and leave my mark. I would have never thought that a year later I would be a part of this team. I see something that could surpass all of our lifetimes. 

I aspire to create a space where everyone feels supported/comfortable and wish for every person I get to work with to see that they are so much more than just what the world makes of them. Hopefully, my diverse experience will help us create something that you never dreamt of while making an unforgettable memory!


Media Partner

*Not a Model

Abe Jimenez


Leticia Hernandez

Sales Manager

5 ft 6 in

Freelance Model

_DSC9021 copy.jpg

Hello! I’m Leticia, a petite model with a passion for art and creativity. As an artist, I’ve always been drawn to vibrant colors and intricate compositions, creating detailed drawings and paintings. 

My journey in the modeling world started four years ago, initially as a hobby to keep my artistic spirit alive amidst a demanding nine-to-five job. Although I hesitated initially, I was more intrigued than anything. To my surprise, I discovered that modeling was similar to painting on a canvas, with one key difference: I was both the muse and the creator. Finding this new outlet allowed me to continue expressing my creativity without compromising my busy schedule.

Modeling has pushed my boundaries, not only as an artist but also in self-discovery. Throughout my journey, I’ve been fortunate to meet new friends, work with creative individuals, and find a supportive community. Their encouragement has been instrumental in my growth as a petite model, and I aspire to pay it forward to new aspiring models.

Today, I am thrilled to say instead, I am a part of “Why Not Petites”. I am excited to help bring their mission statement to life in creating opportunities for petite models like myself but also providing a space for learning and sharing knowledge with fellow petite models providing the support needed to be successful and confident models. This journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I am excited to see where or what runway it takes me next!

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