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Our episodes are out now on Daily Motion!


Episode 1 - Marijka

You all have had the chance to get to know us through our photos and instagram, but now you get to hear our stories. In this podcast we talk about the challenges of the modeling industry, our personal experiences, and how to balance it with the outside world.

Our first episode is with our amazing Social Media Director Marijka who is not only a model but works a 9-5 day job in the world of finance. Marijka got started modeling by the encouragement of her peers but found a deep love for the craft. She would love to push more into beauty modeling but loves her lifestyle work. 

She hopes that you all find inspiration in our stories and find something to take away from each of our episodes.

Episode 2 - Ani (Guest Model)

Get to know the lovely Ani! She works full time as an actress/ model in the Chicagoland area and has even signed with SAG recently. Ani has been acting since a young age and has a deep passion for it, but when modeling came about she began to fall in love with it as well. She loves that Why Not Petites is also educational for herself to grow as a model and individual.

Ani hopes you are able to listen to the podcast and have something educational for your career in modeling to take away.

Episode 3 - Bree

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with our copywriter Bree who is also a model! She explains how she found her passion in modeling after growing up doing theatre. She is a freelance model who does paid work but also really enjoys shoots that are just for fun.


Bree loves the creative aspect of doing fashion and editorial shoots while also explaining the hustle that comes along with being a freelance model. We talk about ways to find work as a freelance model or how to use it more as a creative outlet.

Episode 4 - Olena

I sat down with our Outreach Director, Olena, who is a freelance model. She outlined her experience as she begun modeling and highlighted the importance of learning to be safe when working with people you don’t know.

She suggested outdoor shoots, attending meet ups, or bringing someone you trust with you. This industry is a blast but it is important to always be aware of who you are shooting with. Olena is still friends with people she met at her second meet up to this day, so if you are looking for modeling friends or photographers check out the app MeetUp!

Episode 5 - Jennifer (Guest Model)

Today we met up with our first guest model of Why Not Petites!


Jennifer talks about the similarities of the modeling and acting world and the need to truly be comfortable in your own skin in order to succeed in this industry. Jennifer begun acting when she was young but only came back to the industry a few years ago. She always thought that modeling wouldn't be for her, but quickly found the acting within modeling. 

She is so grateful Why Not Petites gave her the opportunity to model as she is usually more focused on acting. She is happy to see petites paving the way and making the world known about the untapped market of the shorter model.

Episode 6 - Mya (Guest Model)

Today we met up with our guest model of the month, Mya!


Mya speaks to the importance of advocating for yourself and growing thick skin in such a tough industry, especially when entering it at a young age. She also stresses the importance of standing up for yourself to ensure you do not get walked all over, this includes people in your corner like your agent. If you can’t tell them where your boundaries are you won’t be able to tell anyone else.


For more information on Mya check out her bio under our guest model page, or her shoutout on our instagram!

Episode 7 - Abby 

I loved getting to sit down with our new Creative Associate Abby!

Since a young age, Abby had an interest in the modeling world. She attended modeling school and had the opportunity to get signed with 10 Management at the age of 16. She has been with them ever since modeling for brands such as Puma!


Abby talks of the importance of moving with the camera and continuing your education as a model the same way an actor would. After taking one of our posing classes Abby felt ready for shoot that required floor work which she hadn't learned about before. We also touched on the topic of being an instagram model versus a signed model and the important differences between the two.


For more information about Abby check out her bio under our about us page, or her shoutout on our instagram!

Episode 8 - Appy (Guest Model)

Another exciting podcast episode! I am so grateful I got the chance to sit down with Appy and got two perspectives for the price of one. Appy is married to a photographer so she has her own built in practice but also has the great opportunity to constantly learn and grow with him as well. They love to create together not just for the art but for their personal selves as well. We also chatted about getting into the industry as an adult can be because you are already confident in the person that you have become instead of figuring out who you are while being in an industry that can be difficult to stand up for yourself. Don’t forget to check out our website to learn even more about Appy!

Episode 9 - Deja (Guest Model)

Another great day to sit down with our newest guest model Deja!


Deja talks about being a new model and how being on a photoshoot with the team of WNP gave her so much more confidence to be in front of the camera and own it. She believes that modeling is a building step with expressing art in general and has the goal down the line to sign with an agency.


We also speak of the importance of being teachable, whether you know nothing about modeling or you’ve been doing it your whole life, there is always something to learn and the necessity of being open to that. The last thing that we also discuss is the obstacle pregnant women can face as a model, getting rejected more because that isn’t the look that a brand or photographer is going for.

Episode 10 - Alyssa

Today we sat down with Alyssa, who is our newest Creative Associate. We love her passion for modeling coming from a musical theatre background. She has lived in NY for college and is so happy to be a part of the Chicago fashion scene. 

Her biggest passion is fitness / wellness in the modeling industry since so many models have a very difficutl time with with body image. She radiates body positivity and would love to help any petite achieve their goals in a healthy way.

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