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Lily's Talent Agency


Hey all, my name is Mya and I'm 5'2"! I started my modeling/acting career 10 years ago in Chicago. Once I turned 18, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career further. I began to notice I wasn't receiving the same opportunities as girls that were above 5'8". I always thought this was an old way of thinking that models had to live up to in the past.


As a petite model, society has set limits on what they believe we are capable of. What I’ve learned is, when you limit someone they always tend to exceed what is expected. Seeing as society claims it is "more accepting,” why aren’t we accepting petites? We can walk the runway just as well as a beautiful woman who is 5'11." My goal is to do high fashion, walk runways, appear in couture magazines, and pave a way for petites! 

We have come so far as a society with being more accepting. So, being a petite in the modeling industry shouldn't be so taboo. Putting limits on someone just because of their height isn't fair. We are hardworking, driven women who are bound to succeed.


One of my current favorite hobbies is writing. I’ve loved writing for a very long time and I’m hoping within the near future I’ll be writing my own book! 

Mya Woods


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Modeling is not as easy as it looks, and as an actress it is an honor to be a part of Why Not Petites because it has shown me what I can be capable of creating! 

I love fashion and really enjoy using my body to create art. What better way to capture it than by modeling! As a petite model it is important for me to show the various shapes and sizes in the industry. I may not be a size 0 or fit the average model height requirement but I am still a model. All women are unique and different in so many ways and that is exactly what Why Not Petites is all about. We are here to bring "lifestyle" models into the frontline.

I started my acting career as a kid but left the industry due to my lack of confidence. I got back into the industry as an adult because I wanted to give myself a second chance at doing something I was very passionate about. I’ve grown and have become a stronger person. I want to be a role model for latinas wanting to do what I do now. I've never really modeled before but have always been curious. It’s definitely an art that helps you be more in-tune with your body, and as an actress that is very important for me.

In my free times I love to go to the gym and workout or kick-box. I enjoy doing outdoor activities or going on adventures around the city.


Jennifer Bravo

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Jennifer also owns her own jewelry company Symbolic Style Shop! Follow Jennifer on instagram and check out her shops website.




Appy Mondal

I love modeling because I have always been into fitness, fashion, and make-up. The bonus was having a husband who's not just an awesome human being, but happens to be an amazing photographer as well. I have been modeling for a bit over a year now thanks to him.

More than breaking any barrier, I am much more interested in establishing a deep rooted faith that commercial modeling should have a wider range where everyone can fit happily, irrespective of their height, looks, skin color and dress size! If there is something in this industry that people should be judged on, it should only be their “Talent.”


I wish every single person who chooses to pursue this path of fashion and glamour should be treated with equal respect and opportunity.


Being a petite rocks!

There is an endless list of things that I do as hobbies! To name just a few; I enjoy fitness, cooking, traveling, spending time with my family and exploring foods from different cultures.


5 ft 4 in

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Hello my name is Ani! I am an actor and a model based in Chicago. I moved to the U.S.A. almost 10 years ago from Armenia. I have a background in Journalism and linguistics, and I've performed in theater and worked as a TV host as well. 


My original background is in acting, and I could only ever dream about being considered a model because the standards made me believe I wasn’t good enough – mostly because of my height. But listen – I did it, and so can you! 


I was very thrilled to be invited by Britney to join Why Not Petites, because like every model who stands 5’4” I have also been rejected from high fashion gigs and modeling agencies who will only look at you if you are 5’7” and taller. This feels different. This feels good! I believe every artist deserves to feel like they belong, so then they can continue creating. 


Especially now, I feel that the market is changing. And slowly, but surely, we are showing more and more diversity. Now, I believe fashion runways will start opening their doors to petite models as well. And we will be ready! Because even when the doors were closed we never stopped working and perfecting our skills. Why Not Petites is championing more opportunities, because, if you have the talent, why not?!


Ani Martirosyan

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Lily's Talent Agency

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I am Deja Ramsey, a 4'10" freelance model. I've been modeling for about a year, and throughout that time I've been devoted to focusing on every inch of myself. I model to show every side of the Gemini in me, and I am still searching for the genre that best fits me! I savor the moments I learn, adjust, and flow to allow my passion to flourish from within.


A an upcoming petite model within the Chicagoland area, a barrier for myself is fully grasping onto the opportunities ahead. Despite some of the challenges I've faced, I do not hesitate to put in the work needed.


As far as confidently building a lifestyle, I am most interested in promoting a positive, entrepreneurial environment. I am drawn to the idea of being able to guide life myself, at my pace, the way I like, doing whatever I like. 


I am currently attending a junior college to pursue an entrepreneur certificate and eventually will obtain an herbalist license to encourage individuals to maintain a natural, healthy body. In due time, I hope to achieve what brings me pleasure and peace of mind, and this includes modeling!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Why Not Petites and I am excited to see what they do next!

Deja Ramsey 

4 ft 10 in

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Hi! I’m Jenny and 5’2, from Chicago. I started modeling at age 15! Being apart of an industry that always feels competitive, it can be difficult to feel like you have a support system. That’s why I really stand for being a friend to everyone I’m across and make them feel confident when going into jobs and castings. 

My first print was for Timberland and Journeys,  it was an enlightening experience. I moved to LA when I was 20 for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. We weren’t allowed to audition for any films or shows while in school. I made my way to backstage and figured I’d look for a couple modeling gigs and ended up modeling in my first runway! That’s when I had a moment of realization that petites aren’t represented that often in the industry. 

I strongly believe that diversity is important. Being a petite and Latin model, I want to break through the norms of the industry! A lot of doubts can go through a person while working in the modeling industry and mental health needs to come first when dealing with a field that is based on perceived perfection of beauty. I believe being open to a wide range of looks and talent only widens the opportunity for others to do what they love and feel good about themselves without second guessing whether they’d fit in! 


A favorite hobby of mine is riding my horse at the stable and going for trail rides! 

Jenny Oliver

Lily's Talent Agency

5 ft 2 in

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Hello, I am Raquel Horvath and I act, dance, and model as well as produce, direct, and manage. There is much to tell but I’ll keep it short and sweet, like myself. 


In 2020, I graduated from DePaul University with my Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree and immediately invested my energy into my entertainment company, Dead Scared Entertainment. After lockdown, I started to work as an actress for NBC/Universal shows here in Chicago. Alongside being an actress, I also choreograph and dance. I have performed on screen for various television shows and music videos. I would have never imagined modeling would be added to my long list of hobbies back in 2022. I wish to continue to grow in the entertainment industry and see where my journey takes me! 


As a petite model, I would love to show people that confidence is key. WIthout being confident and grounded in who you are, the world becomes a really harsh place to live in. At the end of the day, modeling is about selling a product or service. With my background in sales and marketing, this makes my job so much easier when I step in front of the camera. Just like knowing your product, knowing yourself is twice as important. With my work ethic and open mind, I am sure I am capable of anything I set my mind to. To whoever is reading this - you are so worthy of your passions! Never give up. 

Raquel Horvath


5 ft 0 in

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