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Hey shawties! I’m Pam, I’m 5’1 and from Chicago! Despite my stage fright, I’ve always been drawn to new challenges that pushed me into the spotlight and out of the boundaries of my comfort zone —which is how I began modeling! I walked in my first fashion show while in undergrad at Central Michigan University where I also sang competitively in collegiate a Cappella. Although modeling was “not my thing” at the time, I decided to fake it til I made it—little did I know a new flame was about to spark.


After walking in my first fashion show, I picked up photography modeling which offered new opportunities to express myself & meet others who shared a similar passion! I decided to join a modeling company, Beauty In Me, where I was trained, managed and surrounded by other confidently expressive and talented individuals who really could do the damn thing! It was a comfortable space to express and experiment with the craft, as well as learn from others.


My favorite modeling opportunity was walking in New York Fashion Week for the first time! I was very fortunate to be invited back to walk in NYFW again in 2021, where I met a designer who connected me with Britt of Why Not Petites in Chicago. WNP resonated with my values and passions, so had to figure out the hype was about for myself!


After meeting Britney and the ladies of Why Not Petites, they’re truly a force to be reckoned with! It’s always a pleasure to create with WNP ♥️

Pam Valero


5 ft 1 in

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Tik Tok: @payumm_

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