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*must book any of our services 48 hours in advanced or we reserve the rights to cancel or reschedule. This is to ensure we are free for your session and we do have a studio space available for use.



"WNP's Posing 101 workshop taught me so much about leveling up my posing, from facials to body to working with different clothing items and props. I walked away with so much confidence in tackling my upcoming shoots. Britney is the real deal (in case you couldn't tell from her pictures) and also gave eye-opening advice about starting in the Chicago modeling scene. After the launch party I can't wait to see what WNP has coming up!"    

Susan Liu

Attended Posing 101 and The Launch Party


"Runway 2.0"

Step up your runway game with our intermediate runway class Runway 2.0! Building upon the foundational skills learned in our Intro to Runway class, this intermediate class is designed to elevate your runway presence and walk. Whether you're a seasoned model looking to refine your technique or an emerging talent seeking to establish your signature walk, this class is your next step towards a confident and collected walk during each and every casting.

Throughout the course, you'll delve into advanced techniques for stops, turns, and poses, mastering the art of commanding attention with precision and flair. Guided by industry professionals with years of experience on the runway, you'll receive personalized feedback and coaching to help you perfect your performance.

But it doesn't stop there. In addition to mastering technical skills, you'll also learn the importance of developing a signature walk and infusing it with your unique personality. Whether you exude confidence, elegance, or edgy charm, we'll help you cultivate a runway persona that sets you apart from the rest.

Through a combination of practical exercises, runway simulations, and creative exploration, you'll emerge from this class with the confidence and skills needed to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression on the runway.

Are you ready to take your runway career to the next level? Join us for Intermediate Runway Class and unleash your full potential!"

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