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"I decided to take the WNP modeling class because I've been involved in the fashion scene here in Chicago for a few years now. I've helped with model tryouts, hosting events and even produced my own fashion show. I wanted to get a better understanding of the experience models went through and see things from their perspective in the industry. The WNP team was very professional, communicated clearly and made me feel welcome in a very uncomfortable situation for me. Who isn't uncomfortable making faces ... I mean the mirror with others all around you? At the end of the session we had to perform a 60 second posing session. This was in front of the whole class. A big fear of mine is wondering what others are thinking. About 15 seconds into my session I just decided to go for it, let my hair down and allowed myself to be comfortable in my own skin. Everyone could see a huge change in my poses and demeanor. Am I a world class model after one class? Nope. But I learned a lot about myself, have a few things I can practice at home and feel better about modeling in general. I plan on taking more classes in the future and highly recommend WNP's classes for those looking to break into modeling, looking to get casted more often or who just want some feedback from other professional models."    

J.P Lamp of Triple F Podcast

Attended Posing 101 and The Launch Party


"WNP's Posing 101 workshop taught me so much about leveling up my posing, from facials to body to working with different clothing items and props. I walked away with so much confidence in tackling my upcoming shoots. Britney is the real deal (in case you couldn't tell from her pictures) and also gave eye-opening advice about starting in the Chicago modeling scene. After the launch party I can't wait to see what WNP has coming up!"    

Susan Liu

Attended Posing 101 and The Launch Party

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"I am so happy for the launch of WNP, it is such a great supportive community for models, especially petite models. I have met a lot of amazing designers, photographers, models, etc. through WNP. WNP will continue to bring new talent in the modeling/ fashion community to the next level. I had a great time at their launch party and I know I will have a blast at future events! Best wishes to WNP moving forward! I believe it will be more and more successful! as time allows it to grow."    

Iris Zhanfu

Attended Posing 101 and The Launch Party

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"I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am for this community Why Not Petites (WNP) created. I have been modeling for a few years now and never had any formal training, apart from my on-camera experience as an actor. Modeling became something I am truly passionate about but I wasn’t sure how to get more involved with it. Then, along came WNP, and BOOM! I am now connected with a wonderful network of supportive, hardworking, and smart women who I can count on to provide sound advice about the industry. Highly recommend reading their blogs and signing up for a class or coaching session. Cannot wait to see what this year brings!"    

Karina Devine

Attended 1-1 Posing Class with Founder Britney

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