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Tips and Tricks for Model Castings

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

by Britney Wittes

Hey WNP community! Most of you know we’ve had our casting calls for our upcoming Stylist Expo. There were quite a few things that we saw that were fantastic and some things to work on. We know most of you are still beginners either to runway or to the modeling industry as a whole. With this in mind, I wanted to write out a few important things to remember for all castings.

  1. Read the casting flier (all of it!)

    1. All of the information you might need will be on the flier / in the casting notice. If you reach out with questions like what time or where it is,the team will make a note that you do not read through things that are sent out. Not being attentive or following instructions could cause problems for the team in the future, and this behavior can cause problems for you if people form this opinion of you.

    2. If the flier also says what to wear, make sure you actually wear that. If it says heels, please wear heels, not boots or flats. This is to make sure you can walk in them. You cannot be cast–especially for runway–if the team can’t tell if you will be comfortable in heels. Your walk in heels vs. flats can also be very different–if you’ll be wearing heels in the show, the team needs to see what your walk is in heels. But this doesn’t mean you need the highest heels you can find! For castings, choose a fit and height that is most comfortable for you, but note that heels lower than 3.5” are generally not considered runway heels. Make sure that you also wear the appropriate clothing. There is a reason that fitted clothing is always requested and that is because we need to see your body when you walk, especially to be able to provide feedback. This is easily comparable to ballet dancers. They get in trouble if they wear loose clothing because the teachers can not correct their form if they can not actually see what their body is doing.

      1. If the flier does not say what to wear, always assume to wear all black fitted clothing. Always bring a pair of heels as well if footwear isn’t specified–better to be overprepared than underprepared.

    3. If it is an open call or a casting it means that you can arrive any time during the time that is posted on the flier.

2. 15 minutes early is on time, and on time is late

  1. This is for a set audition time or a set casting time. Be on time, every time, for castings and jobs! If it’s an open casting, as stated above, just arrive anytime during the time slot. Example: 11-7pm, you can show up at 1:35pm and it doesn’t matter, but if you can only be there close to 7pm or the ending time, it’s a good idea to reach out and let the team know. .

  2. If this is a rehearsal then you are expected to be there the whole time. If there is a set time they give you as in the casting starts at 3pm but your slot is 3:15pm make sure you are there before 3:15pm and you are dressed, shoes on, hair brushed, form filled out and you are ready to go. Give yourself a few minutes to shake off those nerves. It’s normal to be nervous or excited, both need to be shaken off so you can be calm and deliver the best audition.

3. Bring a headshot or comp card

  1. For anything having to do with modeling you want to bring a comp card, but if you only have a headshot, still bring it along.

  2. A comp card should have a headshot and your name on the front and multiple pictures showing your range as a model on the back. This means not all of the photos should be smiling.One could be more serious, one with hair up, and so one–whatever best demonstrates your various work.

  3. The back of the card should also include all of your stats. Not everyone requires all of them, but it’s standard to include height, bust, waist, shoe size, hair color, and eye color.

4. Always know your measurements

  1. You should know your measurements by heart like you know your phone number. Sometimes they will ask you on the spot what your size

is and if you don’t know you might not get cast either. You should be checking your measurements every few months to make sure they are still correct. If you are still growing, do this more often.

5. Bring something to do

  1. What people don’t realize is some open calls can last for hours. Bring a book, your computer to do work, headphones, etc. Be professional–chatting with other models or practicing your walk is fine, but don’t distract others from focusing, and don’t distract the casting team from casting. Photographer: Joe Underbakke

Even if you’re nervous, a comfortable smile lets the team know that you believe you deserve to be in the room–and that you want to be there!

6. Don’t psych yourself out

  1. Usually when you head to a casting or an audition you’re feeling good about yourself, maybe a little nervous, but you did your hair and makeup and picked the right outfit that makes you feel confident. Then, you walk into the holding room. You see at least 15 faces that look like yours, and this can tank someone’s self confidence. Just remember that you were picked for a reason and because they liked you specifically. All you need to focus on is the job you came to do–not what anyone else in the room is doing. Remember this and keep your confidence up!

7. Take Direction

  1. If you’re given direction during your audition / casting, go with it. It doesn’t always mean they hate what you’re doing. Sometimes they see something that can help you improve. Often, it’s to see if you can follow direction and apply what they are asking for, similar to an actor trying different things to meet the director’s vision. If you can’t you will automatically be a no for them, but if you can take direction you will be pushed into the considered pile.

8. Be yourself

  1. Last but not least, the most important part of it all! Be yourself, we know everyone says this but it’s true. There’s a reason you got an audition, they want to see you and get to know you. Show them your personality,don’t be shy, and make sure to smile. If you smile it shows you want to be there and you give off a more warm aura. Smiling also makes you appear confident. Even if you’re nervous, a comfortable smile lets the team know that you believe you deserve to be in the room–and that you want to be there!

Check out our upcoming Runway class on April 22nd to learn more!

Overall, just follow the guidelines–as you should for everything in this industry–and you will be fine for any audition. Follow us for more tips and tricks to help you navigate the modeling industry!

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