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Establishing Relationships with Photographers

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

By Olena Luchko

Are you a model looking to find a good photographer? It can often be difficult to identify the right person for your photoshoots. When faced with the challenge of choosing which photographer is best for you, it’s important to do some research and ask yourself some questions first before diving in.

To help you get started, I will recommend two photographers I have worked with a lot, along with their methods and why I like working with them so much. Both of them have become really good friends of mine – and I recommend developing these types of collaborative and professional relationships with other creatives as you’re starting out.

Miodrag Stanojlovic (Generally goes by Mitch, @St Micca) is a Chicago-based photographer, originally from Belgrade, Serbia.

Photography has been his hobby since the mid 2000s. A self taught photographer, he now has over 15 years of experience. During this time, he has developed himself to be dynamic and diverse – not focusing on a single subject or style but rather photographing variety to build his skills.

Photographer: Mitch Stanojlovic

He ensures that he captures each shot in the most creative way possible using a variety of techniques such as bokeh, wide angle lenses, long exposure shots, etc. which bring out the finest details of the moment being captured.

When Mitch moved to the United States, he started attending Meetups to meet other creatives like him. That’s how we met as well. From the first photoshoot, I felt very comfortable. Mitch was directing me, trying to get the best light and exposition. As a result I received very beautiful photos, and we started to communicate more, discussing the future photoshoots we could possibly do together.

Mitch is very easygoing and comfortable to work with. He will make sure everything looks good in the frame, and will fix whatever needs to be fixed. Usually prior to the photoshoot, we discuss the theme, look, outfits and scene, and create a mood board. This helps to be ready for a photoshoot and to know exactly what you are looking for. Mitch is always looking for interesting concepts to work with, and that’s why each of his projects is very unique and creative. But if you are looking for some beauty shots, he can also do awesome work in that style!

To share some of my experience with him, we had a chance to do a Halloween themed photoshoot, Christmas theme, Fall theme, beauty and many more. Mitch is passionate about his work and always offers his best effort with every photoshoot. He ensures that he captures each shot in the most creative way possible using a variety of techniques such as bokeh, wide angle lenses, long exposure shots, etc. which bring out the finest details of the moment being captured.

Mitch also organizes creative photoshoots himself, where he invites different models, photographers, and make up artists to collaborate – it was actually at one of these events that three of the Why Not Petites girls (Britney, Bree, and myself) first worked together!

If you are looking for an experienced and talented photographer, I highly recommend him. Check his Instagram page: @st.micca or website: to see his art.

Arijit Ghosh (@arijitghosh8) - another good friend of mine, is a software engineer by profession and a photographer by heart.

Arijit is originally from India, but resides and works in Chicago. Photography has been his passion and a way for artistic fulfillment for years. He loves to tell stories through his images, whether he shoots landscape, wildlife or portraits.

He is inspired by Old Masters painting style in portraits and seeks for

different types of emotions. So with him you will get some very deep portraits with a special story that will be expressed through the photo.

Arijit has a very unique style of photography that separates him from the rest. He loves to experiment with light, and he is also into some creative post-processing work. Whether it is natural light or artificial lighting, he knows how to make best use of them both for getting perfect shots. Not only does he take good images but also helps others in their own journey, which makes him a great mentor too.

Photographer: Arijit Ghosh

His photos are extraordinary, powerful and very appealing.

Arijit is very picky on the details, but he will definitely get you the perfect shot and you will love it. He is always positive, very friendly and energetic. Arijit prefers to discuss everything prior as well. So make sure you create a mood board or Pinterest board, where you can exchange your ideas. His photos are extraordinary, powerful and very appealing.

We also met at a meet up, and we got a chance to create some awesome portraits in the Railway Museum, at the sunflower field, even did some street style and Old Hollywood style photoshoots and many more. Arijit will make sure you both like the images you did and will do great work editing them. He is very easy to communicate with, and is always ready to listen to you. You can find Arijit on Instagram: @arijitghosh8!

I highly recommend both of these talented photographers, as it was always a pleasure to work with them. If you are looking for some stunning photos and amazing experiences, reach out to these two photographers! You won’t regret it.

Good luck on finding the perfect photographer for yourself!

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