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I love modeling because I have always been into fitness, fashion, and make-up. The bonus was having a husband who's not just an awesome human being, but happens to be an amazing photographer as well. I have been modeling for a bit over a year now thanks to him.

More than breaking any barrier, I am much more interested in establishing a deep rooted faith that commercial modeling should have a wider range where everyone can fit happily, irrespective of their height, looks, skin color and dress size! If there is something in this industry that people should be judged on, it should only be their “Talent.”


I wish every single person who chooses to pursue this path of fashion and glamour should be treated with equal respect and opportunity.


Being a petite rocks!

There is an endless list of things that I do as hobbies! To name just a few; I enjoy fitness, cooking, traveling, spending time with my family and exploring foods from different cultures.


Jenny Oliver

5 ft 3 in

Hi! I’m Jenny and 5’2, from Chicago. I started modeling at age 15! Being apart of an industry that always feels competitive, it can be difficult to feel like you have a support system. That’s why I really stand for being a friend to everyone I’m across and make them feel confident when going into jobs and castings. 

My first print was for Timberland and Journeys,  it was an enlightening experience.
I moved to LA when I was 20 for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. We weren’t allowed to audition for any films or shows while in school. I made my way to backstage and figured I’d look for a couple modeling gigs and ended up modeling in my first runway! That’s when I had a moment of realization that petites aren’t represented that often in the industry 

I strongly believe that diversity is important. Being a petite and Latin model, I want to break through the norms of the industry! A lot of doubts can go through a person while working in the modeling industry and mental health needs to come first when dealing with a field that is based on perceived perfection of beauty. I believe being open to a wide range of looks and talent only widens the opportunity for others to do what they love and feel good about themselves without second guessing whether they’d fit in! 


A favorite hobby of mine is riding my horse at the stable and going for trail rides! 


Hi all! I’m Sana. My modeling journey couldn’t have started without me stepping back and taking a culinary sabbatical. That’s right, I’m chef turned actor and model. After training at Le Cordon Bleu and working 10 fulfilling years as a Chef, I took a leap of faith to do the impossible and start my journey in film as an actor at 34, which has led to an additional path of modeling.


Growing up in a conservative South Asian home in Chicago, to immigrant parents from Pakistan, well…one could not have seen this coming. But I believe, if you follow your destiny, you live a fulfilled life. All my choices in following my heart and passions have led to me evolving into an actor, model, and now a Creative Associate for Why Not Petites! They are the first platform and brand I have ever walked for when I timidly decided to branch my modeling skills to runway! I was so nervous, but that’s when I realized that this journey is just me against myself. Since then, I have walked numerous runway shows and done modeling shoots for brands like United Airlines, Discover Card, SodaStream, Kohler, and others.


I don’t consider myself lucky, I consider myself hard working, devoted, and surrounded by a like-minded and committed community. That’s what Why Not Petites is. It’s not just a platform for modeling... I mean it is, but don’t let that fool you. We’re a platform that is here to advise, educate, encourage, support, and listen. We’re a platform that has arrived to break discriminatory standards in the industry.

Sana Rehman

Creative Associate

5 ft 0 in

Signed Model: DreamTeam Talent & Reinhard

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Hi, I’m Bree! I work full-time as a B2B copywriter for an international marketing agency. I got my start in creative and academic writing, then moved into freelance content writing before taking it on full-time. I still like to work on small campaigns for artists, like this one, because so much important work can be done by just a small handful of people. Besides being the copywriter at Why Not Petites, I also help out on shoots as a stylist. 


I am also a model! And that’s how I first met our founder Britney! I am humbled with the opportunity to write for such a grounded group of models working to shift the historically neglectful industry narrative around petite models and other sizes. After all, these “nonstandard” industry sizes make up the overwhelming majority of real people. 


I myself am 5’7,” which is usually considered a touch too short for runway and high fashion modeling. It’s a shame, because I see so many incredibly talented models get brushed aside and overlooked on paper just because of their height. Why Not Petites is doing valuable work to spread that awareness, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!


As a model, I love to collaborate with other creatives on unique concepts. I'm thankful that between all types of modeling and a variety of writing, I get to make a career out of the things I love. 

Bree Clevenger


5 ft 7 in

Freelance Model

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