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5 ft 2 in

I love modeling because I have always been into fitness, fashion, and make-up. The bonus was having a husband who's not just an awesome human being, but happens to be an amazing photographer as well. I have been modeling for a bit over a year now thanks to him.

More than breaking any barrier, I am much more interested in establishing a deep rooted faith that commercial modeling should have a wider range where everyone can fit happily, irrespective of their height, looks, skin color and dress size! If there is something in this industry that people should be judged on, it should only be their “Talent.”


I wish every single person who chooses to pursue this path of fashion and glamour should be treated with equal respect and opportunity.


Being a petite rocks!

There is an endless list of things that I do as hobbies! To name just a few; I enjoy fitness, cooking, traveling, spending time with my family and exploring foods from different cultures.


Jenny Oliver

5 ft 3 in

Hi! I’m Jenny and 5’2, from Chicago. I started modeling at age 15! Being apart of an industry that always feels competitive, it can be difficult to feel like you have a support system. That’s why I really stand for being a friend to everyone I’m across and make them feel confident when going into jobs and castings. 

My first print was for Timberland and Journeys,  it was an enlightening experience.
I moved to LA when I was 20 for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. We weren’t allowed to audition for any films or shows while in school. I made my way to backstage and figured I’d look for a couple modeling gigs and ended up modeling in my first runway! That’s when I had a moment of realization that petites aren’t represented that often in the industry 

I strongly believe that diversity is important. Being a petite and Latin model, I want to break through the norms of the industry! A lot of doubts can go through a person while working in the modeling industry and mental health needs to come first when dealing with a field that is based on perceived perfection of beauty. I believe being open to a wide range of looks and talent only widens the opportunity for others to do what they love and feel good about themselves without second guessing whether they’d fit in! 


A favorite hobby of mine is riding my horse at the stable and going for trail rides! 

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