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Prime Focus - Photography Services

Why Not Petites is introducing a premium service tier structure called Prime Focus. This service is tailored towards Models, Stylists, and Event Hosts who are looking for top-tier visual content captured during fashion shows. You will be working exclusively with contracted or affiliated Fashion Photographers from WNP. These services ensure exclusive access to tailored content to make sure the perfect shot is never missed. With multiple options catered to everyone’s needs, we guarantee amazing content that will leave you amazed and asking for our services for each show. Our aim is to enhance the value of Why Not Petites while elevating the work of talented creative professionals. Everyone deserves to have a guaranteed picture-perfect moment.


Additional services are available for purchase to fully customize your Prime Focus Experience. View the list below:

  • Social Media Feature on WNP Social Platforms $25

    • Story Highlight $10

    • Included in WNP Reels feature $25

  • Behind The Scenes: Exclusive BTS capturing candid moments 

    • Images $35

    • 30 secs video Video: $420 on camera and$180 on  iPhone 

    • MUA/Hair Styling/Styling preparation

    • 1 Interaction with Guest

*prices and incentives subject to change

Testimonials About Media Partner

"Abe is absolutely fabulous to work with. I'm a brand new model, which means I hardly know what I'm doing, but with Abe, I feel like Gigi Hadid! He is insanely knowledgeable about posing and angles and while we were shooting, helped me discover so many poses that were visually interesting and appealing to my body type. 

Abe's posing expertise, experience with fashion and helpfulness make him the perfect person to work with if you're a new model and in need of a test shoot. Abe also has the experience needed to work with seasoned models and pull off daring and innovative photoshoots. 

He is punctual and professional but also so kind and has a fantastic ability to make you feel comfortable and confident. On top of all of that, his quality of work is unmatched and my photos were edited and ready to go very quickly. Abe is the best!!"    

- Avery Cole

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